"Also, I can kill you with my brain."

The digital musings of Uncle Book

The Greatest Artist of them All

What makes art, art?


Blog 6 of 6: Chapter Two

"Where does Superman get his glasses?"

Blog 5 of 6: Employee of the Month

"Blurred are the lines of social concepts like honor..."

Blog 4of 6: The Lost Flock

"God doesn’t need us, He never has."

Blog 3 of 6: The Violin Painters of Moscow


Blog 2 of 6: Death and Pumpkin Pie

"I’m not in a rush to die and I’m not killing bugs or small animals in torturous ways in the backyard."

Blog 1 of 6… Gonna ride this rail!

“When does the train come by?” we asked. “Should be any time now.” he replied, checking his watch.

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